It's dangerous to go alone. Itachi Uchiha of Akatsuki Sprite

It's dangerous to go alone.

Take this!

This blog is an archive of the life of John Bathgate and Niamh McFadden.

It’s Thursday!

That’s a thing you don’t commonly hear people get excited about. I’ve got this Friday off because I worked bank holiday Monday - so really today is my Friday.

I’ve got a party at Matthew’s for his 18th tomorrow, and I’m possibly picking up Niamh from the station that day too.

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Hey there!

^ Don’t know who that’s addressed to, could be my future self or some of you lovely folks from the internet!

Anyway; Today I completely scrubbed (apart from one post) this blog of all old content. It was mostly just silly reblogs and stuff that I wouldn’t really come back to and appreciate. I have decided to make this blog an archive: an archive of all the things that are happening in my life from now on.

So - To provide a bearing on where in my life I am right now, here’s a bit of background info on 17 year-old John:

I work as an IT Systems Analyst at a small RTPI company called JMW-Systems, based in Loanhead. This is my first job and I have been working there for almost 6 months.

I currently go out with Niamh McFadden, who is my girlfriend of 1 year and (almost) 3 months. Hopefully you’ll be seeing quite a bit of both of us in this blog.

Finally, I am super-addicted to a MOBA called League of Legends. I have played thousands of hours on this game, and it looks like I have thousands more to go! xD

Anyway, hope that filled you in. Enjoy the rest of the blog!

Had an amazing day with Niamh, can’t wait to see her again.

Itachi Uchiha of Akatsuki Sprite